Oh, android

Times change. Have changed, actually. And as I sit here on my room, pondering, thinking, crying mostly, I reflect on the chain of events that has brought me here. My boyfriend left me yesterday, and I have spent the night thinking who is right, if I did something wrong. I know what I did, but what’s wrong with masturbating? Everyone does it. Always. Years ago they used rubber phalluses, then vibrating devices, inflatable dolls, fake self-lubricating vaginas, human-like mannequins that sweat and countless other artificial man-made devices. The only difference between a small rubber, but otherwise inert, penis and the human-like, attentive, fit, handsome android I used is the years elapsed between the two. Why was that acceptable but this is not? A robot is not sentient, experiences no pleasure, feels nothing, just like a dildo. I didn’t have sex with a robot: I had sex with myself, using a robot as a sex toy, and that’s a different thing.

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