Blind Believers

angel statue I have something to complain about, and it’s not the government. I want to complain about the biggest institution on Earth; if your parents belong to it, you will most certainly do. We have an unsolvable dispute between Religion and Science and I think, How is that even possible? How can they not see they are being herded, why don’t they realise they are blindingly following the preachings of the higher elite?

For as long as they remember things are told to be this way, and not how the others say. They claim to hold the truth and claim their theories are set in stone, and challenge us to disproof them or to accept them. They claim Earth doesn’t have the most obvious shape, that our bodies have properties they claim but don’t understand, that humans exist because of some story we’re told. Flat Earth versus a marble, souls versus simple brain activity, Creationism versus Evolution. Have you spotted the elephant in the room? They haven’t, and still believe the wrong things. They believe the wrong things. Why wouldn’t they, when everybody around them, all their family, friends, relatives, mentors, teachers, all the people they look up for stand behind the same ideals?

All I hope is that one day they’ll reflect on what they are told, they learn to find answers to their questions and they understand that everything was just a big lie they fell for before they had the maturity to question it. I hope, for the greater good of humanity, that all these people will one day learn the Truth, as God taught me through the Bible. May He have mercy on their souls, may God forgive all Scientists for their obliviousness.

I hope you liked the story, and that the ideologies of the narrator surprised you in the last two lines. Did you think she was a scientist and was ranting against the Church? I am not saying that scientists follow a blind faith; my personal views are in fact the opposite. But after meeting religious people and tree-huggers and listening to their empty arguments I realised they have a different perspective of Truth: they think science is based on false beliefs. Remember this story is tagged under “Short Fiction” for a reason.

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